WOD for Tuesday, Mar 21, 2017

Mobility: Snatch prep

Parte A:
Wall squat 2'
Hip external rotation with flexion 2' cada lado
T-spine smash & overhead extension bias 2'
Banded shoulder rotation 2' cada lado

Parte B:
Burgener warm up
Skill transfers
3 position snatch

1RM snatch

Snatch. Find your 1 rep max of the day.

Box squat

Box squat 3*(3*3@75%/30"rest) / 3' rest


30 reps:

  • snatch 135/95lb or 60/42kg


3-5 rondas por calidad:
5 snatch pulls 80-110%
30m handstand walk
max muscle ups
45" weighted plank


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