WOD for Tuesday, Mar 28, 2017

Mobility clean & jerk

Hip capsule stretch 2' cada lado
Banded wall squat 2-4'
Banded single leg flexion

T spine mob 2'
Banded triceps 2' cada lado
Banded overhead distraction

Clean & jerk complex

7* (3 power clean TNG / 3 push jerks @75% (del clj)), entre series:
Box jump complex con chaleco (4 cajas).
Rest 1'

Wod: press banca & rope climbs

12' amrap
10 press banca bw
1 rope climb legless
10 press banca bw
2 rope climbs legless…

De nada Armando


Intervals 20-30' (30"on : 30" off)
1's: Farmer carry 120/80
2's: Muscle ups (en la ultima dip hold on top)
3's: Deficit hspu strict
4's: 15" Lsit + hs walk
5's: rest
NOTA: llevar chaleco durante todo el tiempo.


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