WOD for Friday, Apr 07, 2017

Mobility clean & jerk

Hip capsule stretch 2' cada lado
Banded wall squat 2-4'
Banded single leg flexion

T spine mob 2'
Banded triceps 2' cada lado
Banded overhead distraction

Clean and jerk 1RM

Clean & jerk. Find your 1 rep max of the day.

Clean pulls

10 clean pulls con el peso del clj

Front squat cluster

3* (4*2 reps @ 75% / r30") / r3'

Run & deadlift

4 rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
21 deadlifts 85/60
NOTA: si no puedes hacer peso muerto cambia a thrusters 42.5/30


5*20m heavy farmer carry, entre rondas:
5 burpee ring muscle ups
5 hspu deficit
* llevar chaleco


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