WOD for Friday, May 12, 2017

Overhead mobility

T spine smash + shoulder flexion 10´

1RM Push Press

Find your 1RM for push press

Snatch complex.

5* snatch complex (muscle snatch / snatch balance / Snatch).

– Incrementar el peso progresivamente, no hacer las 5 series heavy.


5* 10 db bench press, entre series:

50m farmer carry 1.5 bw.

Row & du


7′ amrap:

200 row / 10 du

200 row / 20 du

200 row / 30 du


A) Max Strict Ring Muscle Ups / r3′

B) Amrap 3′

Kipping Ring Muscle Ups

C) 2* Max Strict Toes-to-bar / r1′


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