WOD for Monday, May 22, 2017

Mobility: Snatch prep

Parte A:

Wall squat 2′

Hip external rotation with flexion 2′ cada lado

T-spine smash & overhead extension bias 2′

Banded shoulder rotation 2′ cada lado

Parte B:

Burgener warm up

Skill transfers

3 position snatch

Back squat 1RM

Find your 1RM


Power snatch 3* (4*1@85% / r20″) / r2′


100m kb front rack walking lunge 24/16, al romper:

10 straight leg t2b con chaleco.

Randy Runs

75 snatch 35/25, al romper 200m run.


A) 3* (max hspu strict + max kipping hspu) / 3′ rest

B) 3*5 weighted ring dips

C) 3*8 ring dips estrictos con 3″ pausa abajo.


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