WOD for Friday, Jun 09, 2017

Mobility clean & jerk

Hip capsule stretch 2' cada lado
Banded wall squat 2-4'
Banded single leg flexion

T spine mob 2'
Banded triceps 2' cada lado
Banded overhead distraction

Clean and jerk

20' to find a heavy clean & jerk, una vez encontrado 10' to find a heavy squat clean.
– SCORE: suma de los dos movimientos.

Clean pull

5*3 clean pull + 10% del squat clean

Banded Front squat

Banded Front squat 3* (4*3@60% / 30" rest) /2'


For time
30 burpee
30 pull ups
20 burpee
20 c2b
10 burpee
10 rmu

Ring dips & Lsits

A. Ring dips 5r20" -> 5r20" -> 5r20" —> hasta fallo MAX 60.
B. Acumular 2' ring Lsit


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